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Stepping into the Postpartum Care Journey

Stepping into the Postpartum Care Journey

Welcome to UQ Gifts! I wanted share some information I learned along the way about postpartum care and the importance of taking care of yourself after giving birth. It's common to focus all your attention on your new baby, but it's crucial to prioritize your own well-being too. Remembering who you are, the importance of self care, the importance of self preservation, and establishing new routines formulated from the old ones.

Here are some tips that helped me through my postpartum journey as a mom of two little ones, specifically for taking care of yourself during the postpartum period.

Get plenty of rest: They say sleep when your baby is sleeping. It may be hard at first, and you may be tempted to get something else done during that time of peace and quiet but your body has just gone through a significant physical and emotional experience, and it needs time to recover. Whether you had a vaginal birth or a c-section. Your body will take lots of time and nutrients to heal. Make sure you're getting enough sleep and taking naps whenever you can. If you can't rest while your baby is taking cat-naps, consider getting friends and family to drop by to spend a couple of hours with your little one while you get some shut eye. 

Drink Up! Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is essential for your overall health, especially if you're breastfeeding. It can be dehydrating as baby sucks all of the nutrients from you. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and make sure you're drinking enough throughout the day.

Eat Well and Eat Balanced: Your body needs plenty of nutrients to recover and produce milk if you're breastfeeding. As your baby feeds, you are burning more calories than a workout. You will need to restore that energy to keep up with your daily activities, even if its just getting a rest as your body heals and revitalizes. Make sure you're eating a balanced diet, small portions throughout the day, around your baby's feeding schedule that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein.

Rely on your Tribe: Don't be afraid to ask for help from your partner, family, or friends. You don't have to do everything on your own, and having support can make a big difference. Plenty of close friends and family offered to babysit and check in while you were pregnant. Now's the time to take them up on those offers.

Take Care of Your Mental Health: The postpartum period can be challenging, both physically and emotionally. Make sure you're taking care of your mental health too. Speak to your health care provider, friends, family, postpartum support groups if you're struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues.

At UQ Gifts, we have a range of products that can help you take care of yourself during the postpartum period. Our cozy, silk robes. lightly scented candles, face masks, bath soaks and mom care essentials. Our gift boxes include a balance of postpartum healing and self care. Our goal is to promote wellness, self care, healing of new mothers by providing the needs to haves, and the nice to haves for the first few days following birth. We remind moms to practice aromatherapy therapy, remember their support systems, and make time to unwind.

Don't forget to take care of yourself during the postpartum period. It's just as important as the pregnancy period. With a little bit of self-care, you'll be able to recover and enjoy this special time with your new baby. A healthy and present mom needs a pocket of peace of her own, and that includes wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

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